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There are two ponds in Highdown Gardens. They support a variety of fish and other wildlife - please do not feed the fish.
Note: Care should be taken near the ponds as their edges and nearby steps can be slippery.

The ponds are located in the:

The Bamboo Pond

The Bamboo Pond can be found in the chalk pit, just below the chalk cliff, in the north western area of the Gardens.

The Bamboo Pond is managed as a wildlife pond and supports a wide variety of species including frogs, newts, toads, damselfly, dragonfly and even a grass snake has been seen swimming in it!

The Bamboo Pond and nearby seat:

The Bamboo Pond (744)

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The Cave Pond

The Cave Pond is in a secluded area approached by magical stepping stone pathways.

It can be found in the first chalk pit below the Rose Garden and includes the old lime kiln used to make quick lime in the 18th century.

Sir Fredrick Stern created the pond and rockery in the 1920s and incorporated the old kiln as a decorative feature. The Cave Pond is home to a variety of fish and the rings seen floating on the surface are to deter heron. (See also Sir Fredrick Stern).

Steps leading to the Cave Pond:

The cave pond - paths leading to the cave pond (744)

The Cave Pond and water pools and waterfall:

The cave pond - the pond (744)

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Life in the ponds

Frog on a lily pad (left) and a damselfly drying itself having just shed it's old exoskeleton (right):

Frog on a lily pad and damselfly (744)


Highdown Gardens Wildlife - Dragonfly (744)

Golden Orfe fish in one of the ponds - please do not feed the fish (the rings seen floating on the surface are to deter heron):

Highdown Gardens Wildlife - Fish in one of the ponds (744)

'Bendy Wendy' - one of our fish in the ponds - see note below photo for information about Wendy ...

Highdown Gardens Wildlife - Bendy Wendy - on of our fish in the ponds (744)

Some people are concerned that one of our fish looks unwell. The fish in question is 'Bendy Wendy', so nicknamed in ages past. She has a kinked back, but swims around quite normally. Colin, one of the team, has been at Highdown since 2002 and even at that stage, Wendy had been in the pond for as long as anyone could remember. So she's a venerable member of the Highdown team, decades old, and despite her appearance, is always the first to charge up to eat when we feed the fish every morning.

Feed the 'virtual' fish ...

Here are some 'virtual' fish to watch and play with. You can 'feed' them by clicking in their blue 'pond' area and they will follow your mouse cursor if you move it over their 'pond' slowly.

However - please do not feed the real fish in the gardens ...

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